On Site Staffing

About Us

Expert Event Management & Multimedia (E2M2) is the premier resource for all your event management and on-site event needs. From initial planning, to the launch of your event, E2M2 provides the expertise you need to arrange travel options, register attendees, provide the audiovisual equipment for your event, staff your events with seasoned on-site professionals, and capture your event through video recording.

Representing a diverse pool of resources, we provide the total on-site event support to assist you in planning and execution, including:

For your on-site staffing needs, E2M2 comprises a nationwide network of professional meeting planners to handle specific tasks that arise on-site. In addition, if you need assistance with event registration, group travel, or audio-Visual equipment, E2M2 can help. Fill out our Request a Quote form to indicate your exact needs, and obtain a detailed quote from us, or call us today for immediate assistance.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist with your event management needs!